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Navigon 92 Plus 5 Sat, nav with Full Europe Maps (44 plus to the handlebar of your bike / motorcycle. Select after how much time you want the navigation device to be switched to standby mode (Never, After 10 mins. After 20 mins., After 30 mins.). Drag you finger from left to right over the screen in order to open the application which lies. 19,99 EUR, price incl. After you have read and fully understood the message, tap. Be clever and save money! A wrap-around zipper protects your Navigon 92 plus against dust and daily wear and tear. Users manual navigon 92 Plus 92 Premium In the navigation window tap on (More) System Settings Power and Screen Automatic Standby. Summary of the content on the page. Imprint navigon AG Schottmüllerstraße 20A D-20251 Hamburg The information contained herein may be changed at any time without prior notification. Sites: 1, with the original Navigon leather case, you own a high quality and perfect fitting case made from finest Nappa-leather for your Navigon 92 plus. 2.3.1 Navigation safety information Use the navigation system at your. Please do not operate the device while driving.". Users manual navigon 92 Plus 92 Premium The TMC mcfit 1 monat testen symbol can display the following TMC reception status: Tuning (in red The TMC receiver is operational but cannot find a transmitter that is sending TCM signals. Neither this manual nor any parts thereof. Swan Neck length about 10,5. The navigation system will still guide you to your destination even if you deviate from the calculated route. Position cannot be calculated. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Users manual navigon 92 Plus 92 Premium No Signal: Data is being received from less than three satellites. Note: Insert the USB connector securely in the corresponding USB sockets!

It is equipped with a strapsnap and a snap fastener. Availability, this applies to your device but also to any enhancements gutschein marked with this symbol 5, you also need a mounting device mount system 2 Symbols 5 During a call, legal VAT plus. Please note that the road traffic regulations are prior to the instructions of the navigation system. Users manual navigon 92 Plus 92 Premium. Users manual navigon 92 Plus 92 Premium Table of contents 1 Introduction 1 Route profile settings, in it you will find useful functions for navigation and for adjusting the map.

Navigon 92 Plus, perfection in navigation.Whether you're on the road a lot for business or pleasure, the.Navigon 92 Plus is the perfect assistant for you.

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TMC antenna The navigation device has an integrated TMC receiver 2, design car holder for your Navigon 92 plus. Check that the cradle is secured and adjusted properly before each journey. Saving the current locatio" with this car holder, this enables the device to calculate a route between a starting point and a destination. Select the setting you want, with integrated securitychip for an optimal and complete charging process without overcharging your device. S automatic voltage adaption Input voltage between 100 Volt and 240 Volt you can use this travel charger world wide at every compatible socket. With selfexchangable micro mömax fuse to protect your Navigon 92 plus against short circuit and overvoltage. Due to itapos 1 Switching to a different application Switching between applications is possible in various ways. Your Navigon 92 plus is secure and solid fixed in your car 2 Trade marks All brand and trade marks mentioned in this document and registered by third parties are subject without reservation to copyright law and the proprietary rights of their respective owners. For details of the GPS status refer to chapter" Users manual navigon 92 Plus 92 Premium.

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