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Canyon, footer karriere WIR ALS arbeitgeber unserer neuen Produktbroschüre stellen wir Dir alle neuen Räder für das Modelljahr 2015 vor. Ob Rennradsport, Enduro, Triathlon oder Slopestyle, wir fühlen uns überall zuhause und laden Dich ein, im Pure Cycling Magazin einen Blick hinter die Kulissen zu werfen. The pump track a play area to some, and a good lunch-time competition outlet for others. The rest are custom designed with the help of the University of Pforzheim. die vor 2007 berufen wurden. On a recent trip to Germany for the annual cycling Disneyland that. Nach Erstellung wird das Dossier umgehend an Ihre E-Mail-Address verschickt. In 2003 a partnership with the University of Pforzheim was forged to give Canyon access to testing premises; a partnership that has now grown to help the company lead the way in internship placements. One of Canyons well thought out and precisely packed BikeGuard boxes. What weve just seen is the CT scanner in operation. The Koblenz facility is the companys only showroom in the world and the rest of the markets depend on Canyons website as their point of sale and use after-sales service centres. Its tough but we have to adjust to it and try to plan for. Many of you will know Canyon through the brands sponsorship of the Spanish Movistar squad and the Russian team Katusha. Canyon says theres no plan in place to deviate from this, and after seeing inside the companys two premises its clear the supply chain and sales model is working for them. Inside a secure room sit multiple bike torture tests; machines that see how a frame responds to not just the industry safety standard (ISO 4210) but above and beyond to what Canyon feels is suitable. Then they get new riders with a new contract so they need different bikes. Its a 15-minute car ride from Koblenz to the new location. Inside the CT scanner. Each assembly station takes approximately 60 seconds to install the applicable parts for each model An overview of the assembly area of Canyons new facility Just a fraction of the racking space in the huge new warehouse under the same roof as the assembly area.

Employees are exceptionally keen to get the doors to the new factory open and the warehouse running at full capacity. In which each carbon fork that is intended cinestar münster for sale is checked for defects. Their families and keen customers, gordon is one of the men leading the way.

Canyon ist in, koblenz zuhause, und wir sind stolz auf unsere.IView konnte nicht geöffnet werden.

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Watch, with the circuit, because its built as two figureofeight courses you can race. A sample of productionready frames, off to one side of the testing room sits gratis a hulking great machine. But for bike fans and center especially German cycling fans its a destination one of the major players of the cycling world has its operations and sales showroom situated here. He laughs, as too does Katushas Continental feeder team IteraKatusha. Sobald neue, eKRendite MitarbeiterUmsatz pro Mitarbeiter Steuern Steue" Zahlreiche Profisportler vertrauen auf Canyon Räder und geben uns wichtiges Feedback.

With Trek announcing this year that theyll be selling via the internet (in a slightly modified way where bikes will be shipped to dealers ) it seems that this trend is only increasing.The old assembly centre is now a workshop for warranties, bike repairs and general wrenching.