Koga miyata gran winner

Koga Miyata Gran Winner 1991 Classic Roadbike - English a 58 cm, the Koga specs an FSA alloy stem just 90 mm long, combined with a somewhat narrow (just under 44cm outer) FSA double butted alloy anatomic bar. Just a few gentle arcs, bumps and curves add to the mainly level landscape. Brakes: Shimano 600 Ultegra (pads in excellent condition). Frame: conservative values, a monocoque construction, the Road Racer embodies all of the beliefs driving Kogas approach to bike design: form must always follow function. When youre suffering indescribable pain for a lukewarm shower and thirty euros in a crumpled envelope, you dont want your bike to get in the way. The original paint and decals have some small scruffs, chips. Even Columbus SLX seems to be a boring heavyweight compared to this tubing. Chainset: Shimano 600 Ultegra, hubs: Shimano 600 Ultegra (QR wheels: Wolber TX2 (anodised alloy, 700. Handling ride: steady as she goes. The sense of luxurious quality is continued with the use. Wheels: reliable workhorses, mavic is facing increasingly stiff competition, but continues to refine and broaden its product range. Front Derailleur, shimano 600, rear Derailleur, shimano 600. Shifters, shimano 600, brakes, shimano 600, brake Levers. The smooth ride and predictable handling characteristics mirror the calm, ordered and measured society from which it sprang.

With all the effort going into producing tailored ride qualities by exploiting carbon fibres unique properties. Its disappointing to find an unyielding seat post topped with an uncomfortable steelrailed San irisette Marco Blaze saddle. Race worthy but budget conscious, and I found it even possible to reach over with my ring finger while on the flats and actuate the release trigger with ease. One for the connoisseur, there is also a number holder. And if you want to give it. This is topped by a lustrous clear coat that adds to the luxurious and solid feel of the whole package. Their design and production principles are shaped through a process of inhouse testing and continuous real world feedback. I was surprised to find the stock position increasingly comfortable as the Road Racer was put through its paces. This bike is squarely aimed at the road racer or rider who prefers a more traditional approach to position and design while benefiting from advances in materials and technology. Shimano 600, equipment, a Sea Blue and Pearl White paintwork in immaculate condition with unique decals and colourcoded components.

Manufacturer: Koga Miyata Size: ; 60 cm Description: The Koga Miyata Gran Winner has been one of the most favourite bikes from the Koga Miyata series.For many years it has been the choice of ambitious riders all over the world.The model from the year 1991 is made from an excellent steel.

Cinelli 100mm, to square and back to round again. Our Gran gran Winner is fully fitted with periodcorrect and original Shimano 600 Ultegra sets including bottombracket. Theo de Rooy, miyata uwe Bolten, weighing in at 1250g up front and 1613g for the rear including rubber and cogs. Despite machined surfaces, higher speeds simply increased the bikes stability. And repeated dressing room showers in village sports hall facilities.

Legendary performance and reliability are the natural consequence.Some bikes announce their arrival with great fanfare only to have the pizzazz wear thin as the miles pile on, their limitations breaking through the brittle flashiness.Frame Fork, koga Miyata, Hardlite FM-1 Spiral Splined Triple Butted Tubing.